The moment you were born, a snapshot of the sky was taken.

The conversation between the planets in your natal chart helps you uncover layers of yourself and your life story. 

This foundation helps you develop who you want to become. 

I don't use Astrology to make predictions or tell the future. 

I work with you in the context of your origin story and your becoming story. We simply cannot dive into one without consideration of the other. 

When we work together, you will received a whole new reframe of your power, identity and confidence. This leads to an undeniable rebirth with countless real upgrades to your life. 

I will meet you with pragmatism and softness.

I spend unlimited hours preparing for our session.

I empower you with follow up resources and a follow up check in zoom session to support you in integrating all the new material. 

There are many Astrologers out there who are focused on showing how much they know (see youtube) however, it doesn't mean they can necessarily relate with someone astrologically or ensure you leave the session empowered and ready to conquer this world with your genius.

My focus is on the integrity of my service to you and your needs. 

It's through the basic four elements of water, air, earth and fire that I keep the translation of your planetary conversations simple for you to digest and feel safe engaging with. 

When you understand how life-force is moving through you, you can customize your habits, adjust your attitudes and fully own your psychological re-frames. You can take responsibility with this precious time you have on planet earth to be the best fucking version of yourself that you know you can and are meant to be. 

Let's do this babe. 


"I was completely blown away by the depth of knowledge Michelle has. I had no idea astrology was so complicated and complex. I loved the profound and sacred space Michelle creates to decipher and present these impulses from the universe and how these gifts are bestowed upon us.

Michelle pays attention to the detail and tunes into the aspects of your chart that you need. She has the fortitude to hold up this mirror, this chart, this reflection of you, without getting in the way. 

I recommend readings with Michelle to anyone interested in knowing more about themselves and ultimately their connection to the universe."

"Michelle is an exceptional communicator and teacher, generous and loving in her approach - I recommend her readings to my closest circle of friends and family.
Michelle's sessions are so much more than a general chart reading - she offers clear guidance on natural gifts and talents and possible challenges, but also guides you to tools and resources to dive deeper and implement. This made the session the perfect balance of knowledge sharing and coaching which I loved.

I found my reading illuminating and full of gems of wisdom. It's something I'll continue to refer back to throughout my life for guidance."

Natasha Joanna

Getting a professional reading may seem like a self-indulgent investment but it is in fact a very self-honouring thing to do. 

As my favourite quantum gangsta Joe Dispenza says: 

A birth chart reading will help you uncover empowering revelations about yourself. 


🌱 Understanding Self

  • A full natal chart reading will support your understanding of how life force is moving through you; how you think, how you experience joy, what drives you etc. 

    This is always the starting point and literally takes a LIFE TIME worth of continuous learning - there are many, many places you can then go to from here. 

  • Additionally we can focus on an area of your life that you wish to seek more clarity on, looking at the current planetary transits and aspects, and this can be the focus of your reading. 

🍃 Understanding your Partner or your Creation 

  • Everyone and every thing made manifest on this earth has a birth chart. I'm also offering Composite Chart Readings which can help you understand how you are blending with your spouse or family member. A composite reading can even support you in understanding what the purpose of your connection is to a certain creative project you are birthing - you'll gain clarity on how best to follow through and when or how best to nurture your relationship/s.

🌐 Understanding Place with Astro-Cartography  

  • Astro - Cartography is the study of the planetary lines laying on the earth at your moment of birth. This is one of my favourite areas of Astrology because I have lived in so many places and it has helped me understand the purpose for my living in or visiting certain places. 

  • If you are someone who tours or travels often for work or play or you find your tribe scattered around the earth, an astro-cartography reading can help you recognize the patterns, energetic qualities and teachings of your movements around the globe.

I have limited space in my schedule for about 1-2 readings a week so if you feel the resonance, book in now to avoid the waiting list. 


I LOVE the divine and synchronistic experiences we both receive. 


It's alway clear to both of us why we have been brought together, often because our charts are in conversation through huge similarities or differences and we are meant to learn from each other. It's so profoundly beautiful.  

What you can expect to receive in any reading with me
  • Truth. Straight up truth about how brilliant you are and why you are here. Coaching, motivation and direct guidance about how to use your astrology in your every day life to strengthen your internal positioning, be proud of who you are and slay your dreams.

  • A comprehensive power point presentation illustrating and highlighting the most important information to help you in your current phase of life. This is a resource with limitless value which you can continue returning to for the rest of your life every time you feel the urge and readiness to keep learning about yourself. 

  • Access to your own private google drive folder full of personalized recommended readings and follow up exercises and resources which will help you integrate the themes that have emerged in our time together. 

  • An MP3 audio recording of our live session.

  • A bonus 30 minute follow up chat to support your integration and mental well being so you can move forward empowered and inspired. 

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