Let me re-ignite your mojo, your passion and your desire to be aligned with your truth. Let me show you the stars and the light you are made of. Let me open my palm and let us peer into the great mystery of it all.

This is a 2 hour masterclass in which we work with the placements of your natal chart and how it relates to your life purpose and the energies of 2020. I guide you actively through an experiential process that will leave your mind blown and your heart re-charged.

Here's what we'll cover


  • I will show how to use big picture and personal astrology to understand your life purpose, how you can navigate the energies of 2020 and how you can sustain and protect your MAGIC

    “But what even is my magic?”  

    Your magic is your constitution, your skills, your strengths and the unique energies that make you YOU. I will support you to self validate what you already know as well as show you how to unlock your own source codes for expansion in the areas you are craving to crack open in your life.

  • I will show you how to funnel your energy, not outward, but toward your unique purpose and why you are here

  • Learn the current emotional lens you are seeing through at this time in your life

  • Discover the theme of your year and what areas of your life will be activated and when

  • I will show you exactly how to use your personal information to support your mental health, visions and goals.

  • I will share how I work with mindset in astrology in order to heal and reframe negative stories you may be carrying about your own astrology so you can effectively receive the medicine of this art science

  • This workshop is going to show you how to harness your endurance, give birth to your own story and belong to no one else but yourself

  • You will get off the call understanding how to hold space for yourself through every lunar cycle of this year.

    This means you will know exactly how to implement your own self reliance as you ride the peaks and valleys in your day to day reality - because you will know the multi-layered phases you are in and how they relate to the movement of the Gods and Goddesses above. 


  • If you are a beginner – you will widen your understanding of the practical applications of astrology and I'll make it really easy for you to understand the juicy depths of this language.

  • If you are already working with advanced techniques – you'll learn some very cool new tricks and this will be a pivotal tuning in to the present moment of YOU allowing you to become even more  aligned and trusting of your path


Get your hands on my 2020 medicine bag!

 – you’ll get access to a special folder full of my essential resources for navigating the astrology of 2020. You’ll have access to this folder all year as I keep adding to it. This isn’t just any ol' folder with more work for you to do that you’ll forget about and never touch – all of the resources I’ll share have taken me years to source and implement – it’s access to the best astro tips, perspectives and tools for empowerment from my own teachers I have been working with for years.













I have been studying and using these techniques for over five years. With them I have created radical shifts and simple, grounded contentment through understanding exactly who I am, what I am here to do as an artist, healer, mystic and entrepreneur. These are the exact techniques that have enabled me to work with the energies of the moment, completely shift my mindset and transform old wounds into pure potential power.

My approach is practical, elemental, accessible, shamanic and grounded in my background and understanding of psychotherapy.

Through your own chart and the significant astrology of 2020 we will work with key techniques that reveal your own personal path to empowerment so you can start this decade living fully expressed and fully accountable for your happiness.


This is for the person who wants to step into their power and make 2020 a year full of embodied action and holistic EXPANSION. 

If this is you - welcome to the EMBODY YOUR MAGIC Masterclass!

This is for those who

  • Are focused on stepping into their personal power and want to feel on track

  • Are in self reverence and have a practice of empowering their self perception

  • Want to more deeply ground into and understand their purpose in this lifetime

  • Want to depend their understanding of empowering astrology and mythic concepts

  • Are open to learning a different way to pursue their visions and dreams

  • Want to ignite their mojo by learning practical life time tools for self reliance

  • Are ready to have their minds blown by the magic contained in their own uniqueness








The energy you activate in this workshop is a seed you are planting for the next decade.

This group workshop is fun and interactive, inviting you to play full out and have an open mind.  We learn from each other in a container of safety and in the bonus material included in this digital offering - you can ask me the top two questions you have about your chart or constitution based on the information you’ve just discovered.


By the end of this unique experiential Masterclass you'll

✨ Feel completely lit up A/F!!

🔮 Know exactly how to merge your 2020 visions with all the new information you just learned about the energetic phases you are in WITHIN the various areas of your life such as: 


Voice + Creativity

(and all the hidden parts of life that don't fit into a neat box or category)

👏  Be empowered to make the changes in your life you need to make

💡 Understand how to use Astrology and Self Reverence as tools to support your mental health, let go of the stories that burden you and shift your mindset into one that will support and sustain you


✅  Have more clarity about what your soul needs as you set your sights on new horizons to chase


👜  Receive the continued support from me via 2020 resources included in my Medicine Bag  - a gmail folder with all the tools we will cover in the workshop
These resources will be extremely handy maps in your continued discovery of self for the next decade. 


But guess what my cosmic squirrel!? 

This is a special NY 2020 bundle - so you're in for some pretty sweet bonus offers

Here's all the goodness you'll receive: 

            EMBODY YOUR MAGIC 2 hr Masterclass Video Training  (Valued at $225)

EMBODY YOUR MAGIC Workbook PDF and guidance on how to use it  (Valued at $99) 


            BONUS VIDEO TRAINING: How to Navigate Your Natal Chart  (Valued at $49)

            This video will effectively empower you to ground all the information and understand how
            to navigate your chart so you can get maximum insights from this Masterclass and beyond.

            BONUS VIDEO TRAINING: How to Set Up Your Magical Morning Practice for Consistent
(Valued at $49)


            BONUS AUDIO: Quantum Healing Affirmations for Self Worth and Vibrant Health
(Valued at $29)

            This is a very special audio meditation I created for youto play before bed or first thing when              you wake up to work with your subconscious mind to absorb the infinite possibilities ahead of

            BONUS TAROT SPREAD: Embody Your Magic Clarity Download  (Valued at $29)

            A special tarot/oracle spread I've created for you to do after your Masterclass session to help 
            you get clarity on your placements, significations and the transmission you've received. 


            LIVE 1:1 CLARITY CALL: (30 min) A Zoom Session with Michelle  (Valued at $120)

            A chance for you to ask me anything about what has come up for you. I'll look at your chart
            and provide reflections, feedback and suggestions for implementation (I'll also love you so
            hard, won't let you get away with any negative self talk and empower you to see the true
            beauty and magic of you.) 

            MY 2020 ASTRO MEDICINE BAG:
A drive folder with my list of top resources for deepening
            your wisdom, self love and cyclical sustenance for this year and beyond (Valued at $49)






















Let the magic begin with you babe

(and let's let the magic begin with us to show the unqualified leaders how it's done.)



Because now is the time to dig deep

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